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3D body scan

What is 3D body scanning?

3D body scanning is the action of capturing in 3D the human body using a 3D body scanner.

3D body scanners can capture a human body, or only specific parts, to generate a very detailed 3D model within a few seconds. The result is a 3D model, viewable on a computer, of the body or limb which was captured. Depending on the desired application and on the 3D body scanner used, the 3D model can have colors and textures to perfectly match the original, or simply be a mesh, a sort of cloud of dots forming the shape of the body.

All the measurements and 3D capture are made by the full body scanner for an optimal accuracy.

3D body scanners are revolutionizing the way we capture, measure and track evolutions of the human body, in various fields from medical to fitness or entertainment. Recent improvements in whole-body 3D scanning technologies are leading to a growing number of applications. Initially developed for the clothing industry, 3D body scanners are greatly improving our ability to accurately measure and visualize a person’s body size, shape, and skin-surface area. Recent advances in whole body scanning unlock new potential especially for healthcare applications.


What are the benefits of 3D body scanning?

3D body scanning is the perfect technology to capture in 3D a full human body or specific parts. When compared to traditional body imaging and measurements technologies, 3D body scanning offers many advantages:

  • Non-invasive: 3D body scanning is an entirely non invasive process. The 3D scanner never enters directly in contact with the subject. If using a handheld 3D scanner, the device is held at some distance by the operator and is moving around the subject. In the case of a 3D scanning booth, the subject simply stands in the middle of the booth to be captured in 3D from all angles by a number of sensors, rigged to the booth, all without direct physical contact.
  • Fast: scanning in 3D a person with a 3D scanning booth takes less than 10 seconds. When using a portable 3D scanner, the process can take several minuted and requires the subject to stand perfectly still.
  • Accurate: 3D body scanners are high precision tools and usually have a high resolution to produce highly detailed 3D models. They can detect things the human eye can’t, making such 3D scanners very valuable in many circumstances. The quality of the result depends of course on the type of body scanner used. Some 3D scanning booth are capable of capturing several persons at once with a stunning level of details, including colors and textures.


The top 3D body scanning applications


3D body scanning can have many applications. Among them, the most common are:

  • 3D figurines: also called 3D selfies or 3D portraits, these miniature statues of actual people are typically 3D printed from a 3D model obtained with a full body 3D scanner, usually a 3D scanning booth.
  • Fitness and body shape monitoring: 3D body scanners are used in fitness to track the progress of a person through various body measurements, body shapes metrics, posture analysis and more.

3D handheld body scanners for the medical industry.

3D body scanners for the medical industry.

  • Fashion/Clothing: the Fashion industry is starting to use 3D body scanners to capture accurate body measurements in order to make custom and tailored apparel. In retail, 3D body scanning unlocks new potential for in-store and online shopping with the emergence of virtual fitting rooms: shoppers can use their own 3D avatar, based on accurate body measurements, to try on new clothes effortlessly.
  • Healthcare and medical: there are many applications of body scanning in medical fields, from monitoring body shape to identify potential issues to capturing highly detailed 3D models of body parts such as a disabled limbs to make a custom prosthetics for example. 3D body scanning can also help monitor how fast a burn is healing by capturing in 3D the damaged skin, identifying the burnt tissues and measuring the area to track progress, thanks to colors and textures 3D scanning.
  • Avatar creation: 3d body scanning and 3D face scanning can be used in entertainment to create realistic avatars, for video games for example.


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